• Cycle Lake Victoria 2018

Welcome to Cycle Lake Victoria 2018!

Dave Beard and James Lewis are planning a fund raising adventure! In November 2018 we aim to cycle 1000 miles around Lake Victoria. Starting in Uganda we plan to cycle unsupported around a lake that is twice the size of Wales in 12 days. The aims of this project are to have an amazing adventure and to raise funds for two great charities:

Amigos ( is a North Devon based charity who run a farm in Uganda to suport marginalised Ugandans to lift themselves out of poverty.

Wings ( work in Bideford, a town with high levels of youth unemployment and social deprivation to give young people a hope and a future.

You can donate via our donations link:

The project was born out of the Amigos 'pedal out of poverty' appeal and the realisation that the price of a new mountain bike can fund many families in Uganda with a life changing form of transport. It only seemed right to put our own bikes to good use!

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