• Cycle Lake Victoria 2018

Up, up and up a bit more

Quite a couple of days... leaving Tarime the road went down for a while through beautiful African rocky scenery. It was drier in Tanzania, but that means fewer people and wide open space. The road was flat all the way to crossing the Mara river, guess what happened next. Up, up, up.

Dave is still strong but 4 stone heavier James, on a 12 year old mountain bike, was sweating his heart out. It was the biggest day of climbs so far, a bit more gradual but it went on and....

Saw a troop of baboons by the roadside and attracted ambitious local cyclists trying to pass us on the climbs... in some cases succeeding.

Rolled into Bunda in reasonable time to fluster the hotel staff with actual guests. I (James) was not in great shape by this point. Random parts of my body were cramping up and I was on the verge of collapse. 3 litres of water, hydration salts, a litre of mango juice and a first dinner of a chip omelette started to revive me.

Second dinner followed which was rice and chicken stew. I say chicken - it was pretty much just bones!

A huge thank you to everyone who has already donated. So far we have raised £4291 (including giftaid) - can you help us hit the £5000 mark? We have covered all of our own costs, so everything you give will go directly to Wings and Amigos - two great charities supporting young people:

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