• Cycle Lake Victoria 2018

The journey begins!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

We arrived safely at Amigos' Kira Farm Development Centre after 24 hours of travel - and just one hour of sleep. Thankfully the bikes also arrived without damage and have been put together and ready to go.

Today we were given a tour of Kira Farm by our sponsored student, Beatrice. I visited Kira Farm in 2014 and it's really good to see how the place has developed over the last 3 years. The bike workshop is a new addition, constructed in conjunction with another charity - Re-Cycle. It's huge and very impressive.

Amigos have been buying flat pack bikes which the Kira students are assembling as part of their training in bike mechanics. Over a hundred of these bikes have now been distributed on a lease-to-own basis amongst Amigos farming groups in northern Uganda. These bikes will help farmers reach distant markets and secure better prices, they'll also help children get to school and fetch water. It's humbling stuff.

So, tonight we plan to have a good night's sleep and then head off first thing, hopefully getting close to the Kenyan border. Our bikes might not be as sturdy as the ones in the Kira Farm workshop, but I'm very glad they have gears!

Donate to two great charities, Amigos and Wings, to support vulnerable young people:

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