• Cycle Lake Victoria 2018

Crossing the border into Kenya

After setting off from Kira Farm, 8 miles north of Kampala, we took the road to Jinja - planning to cycle around Lake Victoria clockwise. We'd hoped to make it to Ikulwe at the end of Day 1, but fell about 8 miles short and found a 'motel' in Baitambongwe and re-fuelled with a dinner of goat and rice.

After falling slightly short of our target yesterday we set off at 6.30am to make it from Uganda into Kenya, however it soon became apparent that this wasn't going to be a quick road to cycle on. The surface was very tough and another headwind sprung up.

Before long the road, somewhat surprisingly, ended and was replaced with sections that had been completely dug out. We had to turn onto a complete dirt road with diversions through small villages.

All the villages along the route had a Wild West feel, but everyone was very friendly and the children tried to run alongside us for as long as possible shouting: 'Muzungu! Muzungu!' (white person!)

We finally made it to the Kenyan border at Busia and crossed into country number 2, a surprisingly smooth process. Busia was a hectic border town, but we managed to get some cash and were just searching for food when the heavens opened - so we hid in a petrol station with all the motorbike taxi drivers.

Without time to waste, we decided to go for it (like true 'muzungus') and get a soaking. We soon arrived at Hotel Western Ambience for a welcome shower.

We didn't make up any mileage, but we didn't fall any further behind and we're confident that the roads will be easier from here...

Dirt roads!

Setting off from Kira Farm Development Centre

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