• Cycle Lake Victoria 2018

Burn my bike?

There's a lot to catch up on since we last had internet and I'm not sure my thumbs will cope, so here's the highlights with more detail to follow when we get back.

Since the last entry we have cycled a further 280 miles through the toughest and most remote areas yet. Days have been long and baking hot, dehydration and heat stroke have been kept at bay by a whisker, and torrential downpours have had us seeking shelter.

We made it to Mwanza on time and on schedule, but exhaustion levels were high and if the pace was sustained I at least would have collapsed at the roadside 100s of miles from medical care, this didn't seem wise.

Miles in England on full stomachs and bearable temperatures is very different to running a significant calorific deficit and cycling repeatedly up very steep hills in the African sun.

From Mwanza we decided to skip a section by catching a bus to Chato, making the end goal more reasonable. After a little rest the next day was meant to be easier but the road was remote with little chance to stop and the hottest temps yet. We did 50 miles with barely a stop through a game reserve then managed to find some goat meat and rice at a run-down village. Standing up was a challenge.

The crawl up the west side of Lake Victoria took the next few days - the heat did lessen for parts of the day to be replaced by biblical rain.  Miles racked up slowly. Hills were on constant repeat.

With a night in the only town of any size, Bukoba, we made it to the border and back into Uganda. English more widely spoken here but they are less keen on chips, so pros and cons.

Energy levels running very low and enthusiasm for local cuisine gone we did make it to the Equator where there were tourist cafés and the first other Muzungus we'd seen in well over a week. And Food!

On to the edge of Kampala where Josh from Amigos met us to save us from cycling through the very bike unfriendly traffic of this major African city.

Back at Kira and we have been fed well by Mary and her team. 770 miles done, bruised, battered but not entirely broken. I would try and burn my bike but I don't think it would catch fire.

An amazing and much tougher than expected adventure that has pushed me beyond my limits, this was no Sunday afternoon ride.

More to follow in the coming days.

Please support two great charities helping young people in Devon and Uganda. We have covered all of our own costs, so everything you give will go directly to Wings and Amigos -

Goat and rice

There were one or two downpours

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