• Cycle Lake Victoria 2018

500 miles completed via the Serengeti

Left Bunda, Tanzania, and rolled downhill to the Serengeti - flat Savannah stretched out before us and a herd of wildebeest grazed nearby. No lions or David Attenborough mind.

It was a dead flat road for 30 miles which made it much easier to make up ground - aiming for 100 miles today so we needed that.

Stopped for omelette and chips again and a bit of a snooze despite the ridiculously loud and distorted music most cafes seem to have.

Only a minor breakdown by the side of the road, physical not mechanical... questions from me (James) about my body's ability to actually complete 1000 miles (we're over 500 miles in) without falling over. Dave, to be fair, is doing well - it's not a walk in the park for him but he generally seems better suited than yours truly.

The flat didn't last, and it was a long, long afternoon with Mwanza never seeming to get much closer, even a second chip stop couldn't save the day.

Daylight was starting to fade as were we. Hopefully within the spirit of an African adventure, but maybe bending the rules, we flagged down a motorbike (still a bike..) pick up and jumped in with our bikes for the last 15 miles to town - we'd already done 80 miles today and weren't going to make it before it got dark. It was the best £3 I've ever spent.

As a contrast we are now in a big busy city - Mwanza, Tanzania - staying in a rather swanky hotel. Please don't judge us, I think we've earned it. Serengeti Lager is going down nicely as we stare into space in a way that only 500 African miles can do to you.

We have covered all of our own costs, so everything you give will go directly to Wings and Amigos - two great charities supporting young people in North Devon and Uganda:

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